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The Fact About Termite Extermination That No One Is Suggesting


The Fact About Termite Extermination That No One Is Suggesting

Termites are significant in the creation of rich soil because they are responsible for breaking down cellulose for the purpose. The soil is enriched by the broken down parts of fallen logs and termites to all the hard work here. The problem starts when these termites get too close and even get access to our buildings and homes. They have to be controlled when to stop property damage. Termite extermination is a thriving business in the united states, it is worth billions of dollars. The type of extermination techniques used hinges on the type of termite in your space. Subterranean termites can be exterminated with the use of soil treatments, liquid soil treatments, and bait. Drywood termites are found in warm climates, and they don’t live in the soil. Spot treatments and fumigation can be used.

Recognize signs and symptom of termites

Getting rid of termites and the problems they cause, so home-owners prefer to arrest the situation beforehand so that termites don’t even cause damage. Termites will dry and die if fresh air and sunlight touch them, they are soft-bodied insects, so they always remain hidden. Even if you can’t see them, these pests always leave marks of their presence behind.

There are different types of termites in existence including damp wood, dry wood and subterranean termites. Subterranean termites are very rampant. They cause a lot of damage and attack more homes than others. In the Spring, you might notice flying insects that resemble ants coming out of cracks. They are not ants at all and can be identified utilizing magnifying lenses. Termites have slender bodies with no divisions while ants have three segments and a slender waist.

Flying termites are also called swarmers. Their appearance is significant because it says termites have been in a place for about 4 or 5 years. There is a colony of termites under or inside your house. A lot of termites are noticed by accident. Subterranean termites will usually be hiding in mud tubes along the foundation of your house. You don’t need local bug exterminators to identify that for you. Termites are, however, not always so obvious and visible. If you are noticing cracked windowsills and holes in baseboards, you should take a flashlight and go in for more inspection because termites might be the cause. The sign that subterranean termites have infested is hollow spaces in hollow wood with traces of dirt. Termites also attack wall and cause wallpaper and pain to come off. If your paint or wallpaper is coming off, take some time to examine closely. Termites do very well in damp environments so ensure all plumbing and appliances are working well. Check the flowerbeds, crawl spaces and because they are possible breeding ground for termites.


It is best for homeowners to stop the actions of termites before they come into the house. Damage to the home will be more unlikely when this is arrested early.

Kinds of termite control

The different kinds of termites require different methods of treatment. The aim of every treatment is to stop termites from consuming wood in our buildings. New houses are treated for termite prevention nowadays. Pre-treats and pre-construction treatments can be applied before or during the building of a house. The most common form of pretreatment was liquid soil pesticide but there are more options now. Physical barricades like sand, plastic, gravel and wire mesh can be used in the soil to prevent termites from entering. Another type of pre-construction termite control is bait systems in the soil. Some lumber used in framing is also treated with termite repelling solutions while building a house. The solution has no effect on the wood but is poisonous to termites.

Homes are more commonly treated after they have been built and this is called post-construction treatment. Subterranean termites are very common in the United States and so many homeowners find themselves battling with this kind of termite more. There are two reasons why termite extermination is done against this kind of termite. One is to prevent termites from assaulting a home and the other, to stop harmful effects of termites on the home. Complete treatments are used for preventive methods and this involves treating the entire house. A treatment has to be done if the building has already been attacked. If it is a large building, the treatment is usually concentrated in the attacked area. This partial or spot treatment is done only on a single are of the affected building.

Baits for termites are very widely used in post-construction termite control. This can be combined with the application of liquid termiticides. Bait stations can be mounted on the wall where the infestation is concentrated.

Fumigation is another treatment commonly used to get rid of termites. The affected wood can also be removed and replaced with a termite free option.

Home termite control

Termites can cause a lot of damage to wooden structures in homes. This big problem takes a lot of money to fix. so I call the best exterminators in my area to perform preventive control periodically. Relying on a professional means more experience and more expertise in dealing with termite problems but homeowners can also tackle the issue by themselves.

Home termite control can pose a hard task for homeowners. Any cracks in the foundation or slabs can be an entry point for these pests because they squeeze into very small holes and cracks.

Home termite control is carried out with the aim of preventing termite invasion entirely. If termites have attacked a home already, a lot of treatment is required many times to remove the effects. Termite bait and liquid insecticide can be used separately or together to combat termites. If termites attack a structure, the wood can be replaced with pretreated wood. The new wood will be toxic to termites and will kill all those that return.

Homeowners can be essential in termite control if they are vigilant and observant. Wooden structures or materials that are linked to the house can be an entryway for these pests. An inspection of such structures and materials can be most helpful in prevention.

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